El Rayo Taqueria

We’re a great team at El Rayo. 

Both the front line servers and the kitchen staff are dedicated to providing delicious food and drinks coupled with friendly and efficient customer service.  How do we do this so consistently?  What sets us apart from many restaurants is that the entire team shares in the pool of gratuities – not just the servers and bartenders, but the entire kitchen staff as well.  Especially at the Taqueria, don’t be surprised to see the chef personally serve you.  And with our open plan kitchen, feel free to ask the line cooks any questions you may have about our menu. Want to join our team?   It all starts with your first  El Rayo T-shirt. Download the employment application here!


The Food

At El Rayo we are committed to flavorful and healthy cooking. We go to great lengths searching the region for the highest quality produce and other ingredients.  Aside from the jalapeños we preserve ourselves, cans and jars are rare in the El Rayo kitchens. Our staff spends their days chopping, dicing, marinating, braising, and simmering.

Real food made with fresh ingredients…we hope you can taste the difference!

Small Producers